Waffles appear in various flavours and shapes. But do you know the recipe of a real Brussels or Liege waffle? And what is the composition of the dough for a perfect butter waffle?
How to make a true Brussels waffle?

Description of the type of batter:

This large, rectangular waffle is characterized by its deep, square indentations and a very light, crispy outside with tender interior. It is made with a liquid batter.

This batter contains flour, eggs, butter, milk, fresh yeast, salt and vanilla. To this mixture no sugar is added.
This type of waffle is eaten warm and served with sweet or hearty toppings. Traditionally, the Brussels waffle is dished up with powdered sugar and/or fresh whipped cream.
How to make a delicious Liege waffle?

Description of the dough:

The Liege waffle, often also called the sugar waffle, is generally smaller and thicker than the Brussels waffle. Its shape is rectangular to oval.

The dough contains flour, sugar, fresh yeast, eggs and butter (sometimes one also adds vanilla or cinnamon). Firmer than the batter for the Brussels waffle, the dough of the Liege waffle is kneaded and mixed with pearl sugar. This is followed by dividing the dough in small lumps. Because of the large amount of sugar in the dough, this waffle is usually served without toppings and slightly caramelises on the outside during baking.

Liege waffles can be served warm as well as cold and are regularly eaten as a street snack.
How to make the perfect butter waffle?

Description of the type of dough:

These mostly smaller and rounded waffles can be baked soft as well as crispy. The dough is half firm and consists of flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, yeast and fresh cream butter.
They are ideally served at the coffee table and eaten without a topping because of their high sugar content. They can be kept for several days in a well-sealed biscuit tin.