• Waffle irons for fruit waffles
    This type of waffle with a filling of fruit finds its origin in the East Cantons of Belgium and the regions around Liege and Verviers. These regions are well-known for their ancient and extensive fruit growing traditions.
    The filling can be sweet and made of all kinds of fruit or hearty, for instance a combination of cheese and ham.
  • Waffle irons for butter waffles
    This sweet waffle can be baked until crisp or be left slightly tender and is made with fresh cream butter.
  • Waffle irons for ice cream cones
    Ice cream cones are made of thin, crisp waffles. Once baked, these waffles are soft and pliable and become hard and crispy after cooling.
  • Waffle irons for heart-shaped waffles
    This kind of waffle originated in Germany where it is called ‘Bergischer Waffel’. It is made with a liquid batter and baked soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
    Heart-shaped waffles can be bought in coffee shops, bakeries and the baked goods department of supermarkets.


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